Back to the notebooks

Now that I’m home and have wide-band internet access, and my soul seems finally to have caught up with me after the 39 hours of jet travel in each of the two directions, I have time to write and think. I’ve decided to focus on the blog and continue writing about this month’s adventures for a while. I’ll work with my notebooks (safely baked for two hours in the oven when I got home, to be sure any bedbug eggs are dead). I want to back-track and post some stories and notes I didn’t get a chance to post while I was there, though I won’t try to put things in date-order. I’ll add pictures related to old blog posts, to make the blog a little more of a resource on Lesotho for myself and others, but primarily for myself. The blog won’t be about Lesotho in any objective way. It can only be my view of Lesotho, and about the issues that Lesotho raises for me. If that bores you, just terminate your subscription, or delete…whatever. Please don’t feel any obligation to comment, but if anything I write makes you want to know more, I’d be grateful for questions. If there’s something I mention that seems unclear or confusing, or if some observation or rumination seems incomplete or wrong-headed, let me know.



About Kendall

Aging drama queen (former professor of theatre) writes, takes pictures, and messes about.
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3 Responses to Back to the notebooks

  1. revjett says:

    If it BORES me? Surely you jest! I can’t wait for each new chapter!

  2. revjett says:

    Meant to say also that I love the photo.

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