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For years I have worn simple, sturdy, colorful Fruit of the Loom underpants. This has never occasioned any comment in the USA, even from my most intimate friends, but when I lived in Lesotho, my friends and neighbors observed my … Continue reading

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Faces of Lesotho

Pictures from all those years ago. Heartache. Haunting. And there is more. I shot these with a Pentax SLR and then developed the film and printed it myself in the darkroom at the National University of Lesotho, using chemicals and … Continue reading

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Gearing up

I bought my ticket the day before my sixty-fifth birthday. I had been thinking about it since I came back to the USA at the very end of 1998: when would I go back? As I turned sixty-five, I realized … Continue reading

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Somebody else IS doing it!

Here is one of life’s great wake-up moments. Someone–a whole crowd of someones–in New York, at Mabou Mines, is looking at Lesotho, making sense of being an American woman in Lesotho, coming back from Lesotho…and making theatre with it. It’s … Continue reading

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Returning to Africa

I leave for Lesotho in eleven days. The picture here is a scan of a badly scratched film print of M’e Mpho Nthunya and me in 1992 under a rainbow in the mountains of Lesotho. She was 62, I was … Continue reading

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