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Undoing white supremacy and capitalism, one photograph at a time.

Another Africa

Say the word “Africa” in the western world, and images arise of poverty, hunger, desperation. Emaciated children with fly-blown eyes, old women staggering uphill with great loads of firewood balanced on their grizzled heads, men with machetes, boys with machine … Continue reading

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Things that grow in Lesotho

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Teboho’s great trouble

Teboho Mothae, nicknamed “Nzama” in honor of a famous football player, has more worries than he can bear, and it has been years since he played football–years since he played anything, really. His parents died when he was a young … Continue reading

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Rosemarie’s Paradise

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Rosemarie Duby

“I call this place Paradise. People ask if I get used to it, if I take it for granted, but I don’t. Every day I wake up grateful. I’ve been here eight years, and I still have to pinch myself … Continue reading

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Back to the notebooks

Now that I’m home and have wide-band internet access, and my soul seems finally to have caught up with me after the 39 hours of jet travel in each of the two directions, I have time to write and think. … Continue reading

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Wrapping it up

This morning I got an email from someone who has been reading the blog but not commenting, and she said it all so succinctly that I just want to put her words here: “Seems like it was the perfect trip … Continue reading

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Saying goodbye

“Saying goodbye,” Palesa said as we walked her to the taxi that would take her and Katleho from Oliver Tambo airport back to the shack village in Daveyton where they live, “is always hard. But what are we gonna do? … Continue reading

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Back in Portland

Jet-lagged, exhausted, bedbug-bitten, sunburned, and deeply happy. I am so glad I did that. I have pages and pages of notes, stories, and lives. There are over a thousand pictures, most of which I haven’t even seen yet. I am … Continue reading

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Cannot access my email, but at least I could reach the blog (after half an hour of trying). Ramabanta is one of the most spectacularly beautiful places on earth. It RAINED, which made everyone ecstatic. Made these notes in my … Continue reading

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